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Food in Sicily

Explore food and culture, from famous chefs to a soup kitchen

Like ice cream, cheesecake, and chocolate? What about marzipan, cannoli, and sumptuous pasta? Come experience the cultural and historic food ways of Sicily, the Mediterranean's largest island. Explore Sicily's growing sustainable food movement while visiting the island's vibrant cities.

Through olive, almond, and citrus groves, and in vineyards and wheat fields, examine the historical and contemporary reach of Sicilian agriculture. Delve deeply into how food serves to transmit cultural identity and how something so simple as a delicious meal can be a catalyst for civic and economic growth.

Take a Foundation, Connected World or Arches Course

The six credits you earn on this experience can include ENG 2800 Gen Ed Tier 1 Junior English Composition, OHIO BRICKS: Foundation: Advanced Writing, or LING 2750, a Connected World or Arches course. Courses can also fill other major and College of Arts & Sciences requirements. Consult your success coach about a Guarantee+ Civic Milestone.





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Earn 6 OHIO Credits

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Associated costs are provided on the program webpage linked below. Scholarships available, financial aid may be applied.


Singing, Dancing and Churning the Cheese in Sicily

"I had no idea cheese making was such a lengthy process. We stirred slowly in a counterclockwise direction and then down the middle of the pot. If someone wasn’t doing this correctly, Fabio Gennaro and his nephews would stop that person and show them how to do it the right way."

-- Peyton Cantrell ’21

Students churning cheese